as I crept down the dismal concrete alley, the dilapidated ocean colored boards urged me forward towards the unknown. shocking is how I would describe this long neglected backyard who's sole function was for storage of the unwanted and pails of soiled linen. haphazardly situated window frames scarred the walls and gave horrific views to the raw construction zone laying in wait behind them. even with the scattering of rusted, filthy, and mismatched table tops, chairs, and pig figurines this space felt cold and vast as an unfinished roof frame cast bars of shadow to complete this visual prison hideaway. oddly enough i did not run screaming from this wreckage because i knew without a doubt, that THIS was the place that we MUST use for the event!  my work was cut out for me...

and this is how i transformed this event space...

i still can’t believe the stuff i was able to pull out of the trash to transform this space.  now that’s designing on a budget!  i have to say that with all the styling, making art, flower arranging, shoe merchandising, and copy writing for the food and cocktail menu, i was in creative heaven!  i like to think that i transformed that outdoor space into a stunning shoe showroom / industrial art gallery / al fresco dining experience.  phew!

why layla joy of course...and she’s always sitting pretty!

branded, boxed, and beautiful

if you just can’t resist her shoes, it’s only a click away:

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