dining room

in a large space it is important to visually delineate areas like this dining room.  hanging sheer curtains adds texture to the back wall, painting the joints of the temporary wall implements black stripes unique to the dining area and actually makes the inexpensive torchiere work, splitting the difference in table width by putting only one leaf up on opposite sides (a la mondrian), and creating a point of interest with a centerpiece and bowl softens the austere table and chairs.

a stark bedroom is not inviting for slumber, or anyone into for that matter.   a textural white-on-white bed spread adds texture, while a color pop pillow is a great accent.  working with this generously sized space, the room was able to accommodate placing the desk at a catty corner.   the desk lamp is a great concept, but it hung to low to be functional or attractive.  it has been raised up on a hidden garbage can (yet, another bonus to catty cornering).   a clear lucite chair replaces the previously bulky desk seat (now placed in the entry). succulent arrangements add life and a variety of wall decorations completes a bedroom fit for a pretty progressive princess.

this mirror was too big for the wall space, so i re-created the space with a functional chair for shoeing (taken from the bedroom desk and re-covered).  an unused piece of art fit the space perfectly.  notice that i took a photographic viewpoint  from the living room to lend perspective on how the apt has become more inviting when entering or exiting.

entry / living room

not just for kids anymore, these flower night lights are a whimsical feature with a wink to the organic during the day, but at night they set a sultry mood with just the right amount of a feminine touch.  

the problem here is glaringly obvious to anyone, but i plan to cover that ganglion of wires in part 2.   all the bare living room needed was a little shopping therapy since the layout really suited the apt.  the floor lamp is a great white-on-white decorative item, but it  also offers lighting options to too bright overhead lights.




after hours!

an “after” picture from a recent home styling transformation that will give context to the large, multi-functional common space that i will reference below.   so what are you waiting for?  read on...

the one thing to always keep in mind about living minimal is that it helps to be slightly ocd when it comes to putting things away and back where they belong.